Migrating to ParkID 3.0

Tutorial videos

You can also use the quick start manual as a backup for the tutorial videos.

What is ParkID 3.0

WPS is pleased to announce the release of ParkiD version 3.0 which includes a brand new Graphical User Interface ("GUI") which has been expanded with a whole range of extra functionalities - the new GUI is also based on the latest HTML5 technology which is an essential upgrade to your current system.

Your current ParkID Graphical User Interface runs using the Adobe Flash Player web plug-in application. As noted in our previous letter and as you may have had read elsewhere, Adobe is ending support for Flash at the end of this year with interactive HTML5 content replacing it; Adobe will permanently stop updating and distributing the Flash Player as of 1st January 2021 and after this time you will no longer be able to securely operate your parking system via the currently installed Graphical User Interface. To address this external change in response to Adobe's decision, WPS has completely redesigned the ParkID GUI.

This new user interface offers the following new initial benefits and features:

  • It is built around optimised operational roles and tasks. This allows users to work more effectively and efficiently to perform their tasks and responsibilities. The experience for the customer service operator is more task-oriented than the current version. For example, incoming intercom calls automatically appear on the screen. Clicking on the intercom icon will take you directly to a page with all the details of the station the call is coming from.
  • Multiple car parks can now be viewed from one user interface screen. The interface provides a graphical overview of a set of car parks within one login. This gives a clear overview of wider parking operations at-a-glance.
  • Aligned to the latest HTML5 technology, it can be launched and operated using any standard web browser software application, e.g. Google Chrome.

The new ParkiD 3.0 parking management system comprises of two components:

  • ParkID Parking Facility Management Software: this is the “engine” of the system and keeps track of all entry and exit movements, events, payments and transactions. The software also includes the database with all customer data and configuration settings, e.g. Parking Rate Table. ParkID software normally runs on a server installed within the parking system local area network environment or can be hosted from a remote cloud server.
  • The Graphical User Interface: this is the operator software that is used to view and manage the ParkID system. The graphical user interface also offers the capability to integrate with third party IP-based video cameras and IP-based intercoms. 

Subscription model

Just as your smartphone and television are regularly automatically updated, this is also the best solution for your parking system. Because the operating interface runs separately from the ParkID engine, it no longer needs to be installed locally on your parking installation. Instead, it can be optionally run as a separate cloud based ParkID as a Service website which can be updated by WPS centrally every two weeks. This incremental software update strategy will allow users to identify and easily learn about the relatively minor changes after each update.

By opting to run your GUI as a separate cloud based ParkID as a Service website, you will gain maximum benefit from it operating independently of the ParkID Master Server core parking management software engine. This allows WPS to install software version updates without impacting the operation of the production system, i.e. the ParkID system operates without disruption or interruption during the process of implement software version updates.


ParkID 3.0 is a necessary upgrade, before the end of 2020. We will update the local server or move it to the cloud. Most customers keep their local server, but will use the cloud GUI for ease of use.
  • Be aware that we may need to change your firewall settings.
  • You will get a completely new GUI. Up until the end of the year you can use the new and the old gui side by side
  • For the new GUI, you need new login credentials, based on your email address
  • Please watch the videos to get to learn the new environment.

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